ORC Sportboat EURO Championship 2010

15 марта 2010

First time ever Russia is hosting an ORC event and the honor is given to the city of St. Petersburg often referred as “the Venice of the North”. The Championship is run by the Executive Board of the St. Petersburg Sailing Union in cooperation with the Russian Sailing Federation and the ORC.

Entry List

Official documents

The official Notice of Race is now available for the 2010 Sportsboats European Championship to be held in St. Petersburg July 03-10: Notice of Race The St. Petersburg Sailing Union is welcoming sailors to participate and visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Entries are now accepted. We urge the crews to contact the Organizing Committee at their earliest convenience: Entry Form

The «Hercules» Yacht Club»

The shore village will be based in the newly built “Hercules” Yacht Club, a private club some 30 minutes away from the city center. The harbor is protected and safe and the berths are new equipped with fresh water taps and electricity. Wi-Fi connection is available in the Clubhouse just 50 metres from the mooring lines.
Website: http://www.port-hercules.ru

Recommended hotel

The «Olgino» Hotel is located close to the «Hercules» Yacht Club and offers around 200 rooms at decent price.
For more details, please visit http://hotel-olgino.spb.ru
Alternatively http://www.booking.com

Measurement for the ORC International certificates

Please, note that ORC International certificates are requested to enter the event. To get such a certificate a boat should be measured by an official measurer including machine measurement of a hull. Taking into account that in some countries boat owners meet difficulties trying to get ORCi certificates, the St. Petersburg Organizing Committee will do its best to ensure the opportunity for measurement of yachts and issuing certificates in St. Petersburg before the start of the European Championship. In this respect we are kindly asking all interested owners to contact the Organizing Committee beforehand to inform about the need to conduct measurement and coordinate the scope and terms of measurement.

Santer 760 boats for charter

The Organizing Committee informs that participants of the St. Petersburg EURO Championship 2010 can hire a Santer-760 boat for racing. For conditions of charter please contact.

SB3 boats for charter

«Parusnik» sporting club offers SB3 boats for rent to participate in the St. Petersburg EURO Championship 2010. To read more about the SB3 boats, please


You are welcome to send your questions about the St. Petersburg ORC Sportboat EURO Championship 2010


The following table summarizes some popular boat designs marking which boats are considered as “Sportboats”:

Santer-760 966 7,64 7,56 2,24 sportboat
Алекстар 767 1115 7,67 7,76 2,39 sportboat
Julia-3 1320 8,00 7,86 2,72 sportboat
Эльф 1350 8,00 7,88 2,76 sportboat
Эльф-800 1026 8,00 7,00 2,99 sportboat
Ветер-2 (О-800) 1158 8,00 7,25 3,04 sportboat
GP-26 1029 7,92 6,95 3,07 sportboat
Beneteau-25 1330 7,49 7,35 3,35 sportboat
Ракета-1 (О-800) 1240 7,96 7,13 3,42 sportboat
Ветер-Э (О-800) 1370 7,98 7,31 3,51 sportboat
Sky Fly (O-800) 1588 7,96 7,62 3,59 sportboat
Laser SB3 636 6,15 5,60 3,63 sportboat
J-80 1435 8,03 6,93 4,31 sportboat
Рикошет-747 1288 7,47 6,25 5,27 -
Farr 25 1458 7,71 6,12 6,36 -
Рикошет-780 1644 7,83 6,28 6,65 -
Конрад-25 Р 1618 7,65 6,13 7,01 -
СТ-25 1808 7,61 5,87 8,93 -

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